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Our Story

In the early 1980s, Sakina Trust was no more than a good idea thriving upon wishful thinking and a bit of help from a small community. However, within a decade the community was bold enough to embark upon the project of buying a building to serve as an Imambargah, and become community hub.


Thus Sakina Trust materialised into its current abode at Vestry Road in Walthamstow Village transforming a post office vehicles depot into a Shia community centre.

We have made a conscious effort to educate Shias and non Shias alike in the original Shia faith as presented by the Ahlulbayt through words and deeds.


Our mission is to present the Shia Ithna Asheri interpretation of Islam through reasoning and logic rather than prejudice and bigotry. Extremism of every denomination is strictly discouraged. Praise be to God, in a relatively short space of time, Sakina Trust has earned a reputation of a well managed and trouble free Idara where anyone can attend the programs and satisfy their yearning for learning the true faith of Islam. Our visiting scholars and local Ulema have the good sense to adopt a non-confrontational attitude, even when making a comparison of sectarian dogma. Their scholarly approach at Sakina Trust has brought many individuals and families into the Shia fold.

Sakina Trust is a hub for the Shia Community in the UK.

Our Activities

Slowly but steadily, Sakina Trust began to provide in-demand gatherings required by the community. Within a decade, our gatherings matched the best in the country. We provide the following throughout the year: 

  • 51 combined (men and women) Majalis' from the last day of Dhul Hajj to the day of Arbaeen.

  • At least 20 women-only Majalis during the same period.

  • Every important date in the Shia calendar covered by a full programme, usually with a ladies only Majalis or Milad during the day and a combined program in the evening.

  • A full, daily Iftar program throughout the month of Ramadhan adorned with appropriate educational lectures and daily recitation of the Holy Quran and Dua-e-Iftitah.

  • All-night supplication programmes for the nights of Qadr and the 15th of Shabaan.

  • Full Itekaaf facilities during the last 10 days of Ramadhan.

Our Mission

Our Services

​We offer a range of services including:

  • A private and personalised service for nikkah, divorce and mediation in family disputes provided by our resident Alim, Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Maulana Jafar Ali Najm. (Community elders are sometimes also used for mediation purposes, which gives a better chance of success.)

  • A fully equipped funeral service designed to make the process easier for grieving families

  • Daily Quran Nazra classes for children of all ages throughout the year

  • A highly successful Sunday School Madrassa attended by over 250 students up to the age of 16. 

Building Works

By 2008, it was obvious that the Sakina Trust building was falling short of our needs. We were left with two choices, either we had to move into a bigger building or improve the existing one.


Considering our current, excellent location and the high costs of moving to another building, we decided to invest in the expansion and improvement of our current premises.


Due to the limitations of developing conservation areas, it took us over three years to secure planning permission from the council. We are now allowed to add a basement and an upper floor to make a three story building thus increasing its usable floor area to over 12000 sq ft. With a new entrance and other cosmetic changes, it will become the biggest building in the area.

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Future Plans

Sakina Trust is an educational institution and Insha’Allah, after the completion of the building, we will be able to establish a Shia Faith School. The school will provide the International Baccalaureate syllabus and diploma, with special attention to Shia faith and practice. The community is behind us for this project and the trustees have already decided in principle to launch the school project as soon as our building is complete.

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